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Omni Ceiling Antenna, Thin Type, Low PIM, 300MHz to 6000MHz
Model : OC0360G7

Indoor/in-building Coverage/ iDAS

5G,LTE, 3G/UMTS, WiFi, ISM Application

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5G/4G/LTE/3G/WiFi/IoT/ISM, 600MHz to 6GHz, 360deg Coverage
Model : OA0660G4-NF / OA0660G4-SF

Decription: Wideband 600MHz to 6GHz, Vertical Polarized; Gain: 2dBi~6dBi

With Multi-mount Bracket: wall, Pole, Ground plate

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Omni Ceiling Antenna, Ultra wideband, Low PIM, 300MHz to 6GHz
Model : OC0360G8-N or OC0360G8-4310

Vertical Polarized, 300-6000MHz, Bandwidth: 5700MHz; 1~8.5dBi, Diameter: Φ295×159mm

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MiMO Omni Ceiling Antenna, Flat Version, Ultra Bands, Low PIM
Model : OM0645G6P2-N and OM0645G6P2-4310

Dual Linear, 600-4500MHz x 2, 2dBi~6.7dBi, Diameter: Φ220×45mm

5G/LTE/CDMA,GSM, DCS, 3G/UMTS, WiFi, ISM Application

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SiSO Omni Ceiling Antenna, iDAS, Low PIM, 600MHz to 6GHz
Model : OS0660G4-N / OS0660G4-4310

Wide beamwidth, Vertical Polarized, 600-960MHz; 960-1450MHz; 1450-1710MHz; 1710-2690MHz; 2690-3300MHz, 3300-3800MHz, 3800-6000MHz , Dimension: ø200x84mm

in-building Coverage iDAS

5G,LTE, 3G/UMTS, WiFi, ISM Application  

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Omni Antenna, 5G/4G Small Cell, Lora
Model : OF0760-L1-G6
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